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Foz do Iquazu. That is what the falls are called from the Brazilian side. Each side has it's own flavor. On the Brazil side, you have great landscape wide viewpoints.When looking at the viewpoint, you might be tempted in thinking that this is "it". We were amazed to keep walking, and to keep seeing more and more new falls.

We came in from the Argentinian side by hopping on a local bus to take us across the border. For anyone planning on taking this approach, we recomment Lonely Planet's Argentina guide that gave indispensable tips on how to do this. Technically we needed visas, but we opted to risk it and just act confidently and unthreateningly not arouse the authorities. We got lucky and it worked. As you can see from the images below, the trip was definitely worth it.

Foz do Iquazu 1
Dear Visitors

How could we resist? We imagined that this is at best what our writing in Spanish must be like.

Below is our very first view of the falls in our life. Definitely a moment to remember. 

Lenka and Geoff first sighting of Iquazu Wow. First sighting of Iquazu
Foz do Iquazu 3

There was no denying that this was a semi-tropical climate. To us, it was the closest to a jungle feeling that we've ever experiences. Very humid, dense tropical vegetation, lots of animal sounds eminating from the greenery around us. And every insect being at least twice the size than what we're normally used to. It felt great to be immersed into it. 

The National Park is made up of many forests with varied flora, such as the semidecidual seasonal (formed by coniferous like araucarias and the Parana pine tree), the mixed ombrófila forest, small size trees and humid jungle vegetation. 

Foz do Iguazu 5
Foz do Iquazu 2
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