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We continue along the route to viewpoint 2 of Circuit Braziliero of Foz do Iguazu. The air is getting denser; our anticipation grows as we approach the closest point to the water falls. We are covered by a sheen of sweat.
Foz do Iguazu panorama

The Iguazu national park boasts over 700 varieties of butterflies! Judging by the plentitude of these beautiful creatures all around us, they are not kidding. Running around like little kids, we even managed to capture a few in pictures seen throughout the Iguazu pages.

From the pictures below, it should be very evident that we were both quite excited to alas be at this spot, a long time travel destination for each of us. 

Tropical butterfly 1
Unabashed rejoicing at the Iguazu 1 Unabashed rejoicing at the Iguazu 2
Unabashed rejoicing at the Iguazu 3 Unabashed rejoicing at the Iguazu 4
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