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Argentina bus system.

On the road again…but in style! We fell in love with the Argentinian bus travel. It puts Grayhound into deep shame. Double decker buses. Wide, recklining seats. Airconditioning. Movies. Hot dinner. Champagne. It made the 16 hour trip from Santa Fe to Iguazu go by very comfortably.  

Mate house

We arrive at Puerto Iguazu, a quaint little town on the Argentenian side of the Iguazu. Adhering to our travel mantra - only buy airline tickets ahead of time, any lodging we do as we go - turned out to be a bit of a hassle. This is a popular destination! As always we got lucky to find the last room in one the local hotels; it tested Lenka's negotianing skills, this time in Castellano. 

Double-decker arrival.
Elevated garbage cans.

This struck us as quite interesting in Argentanian towns - elevated garbage cans. The reasoning is that this way the animals can't easily get to them.  

Hotel relaxation.

Being near a sub-tropical climate, this is really the first time on our trip that we encountered a few mosquitos. We concocted makeshift bed netting; we figured that if nothing else, it was a good practise for Africa. Obviously our structure wasn't quite right - we both woke up in the morning with our feet all bitten. Live and learn 

Mosquito tent
Pathos Devil's Ivy plant

Pathos/Devil's Ivy fans will especially appreciate this picture. Everything in this vegetation was super-sized 

Wish we knew what is this flower called Flower close-up
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